AC Motor Repair

WIM Engineering repairer’s AC & DC Motors, Transformers, Welding Machines, and manufacture 80 percent of all Electrical Components associated with these devices.

An AC motor is an electric motor driven by an alternating current (AC).

It commonly consists of two basic parts, an outside stationary stator having coils supplied with alternating current to produce a rotating magnetic field, and an inside rotor attached to the output shaft that is given a torque by the rotating field.

A DC motor is a mechanically commutated electric motor powered from direct current (DC). The stator is stationary in space by definition and therefore so is its current. The current in the rotor is switched by the commutator to also be stationary in space.

All Coils Manufactured in house

All Mechanical repairs done in house

Load tested after repair

All coils made in house Commentators made in house

Special focus on DC Motor commutation Settings

Breakdown service o?ered


WIM Engineering is in partnership with the SA rail sector in the repair and refurbishment of exhausters. With a well-rounded team of experienced personnel, WIM engineering offers good quality exhausters at an economical price. An exhauster is a component which releases the brake system on a train for the train to move.


Flameproof motors are designed to withstand any damage the pressure caused by an internal explosion and are also able to prevent flame propagation outside.

Flameproof motors are used where safety against explosions and fires caused by gases, dust and liquids must be guaranteed.


The microprocessor traction controller monitors all the required parameters and signals required for the correct operation of the traction equipment. It controls the equipment in accordance with the commands dictated by the control software.


New medium and high voltage motor up to 20 000kW

Medium and High voltage digital soft starters

High voltage inverters




The condition maintenance and periodic replacement of railway wheel sets represents a significant cost faced by Train Operating Companies. Rail wheels wear slowly and could be expected to last for 10 years or more based on normal wear considerations.


Traction motor refers to an electric motor providing the primary rotational torque of a machine, usually for conversion into linear motion (traction).


A transformer is a static electrical device that transfers energy by inductive coupling between its winding circuits. A varying current in the primary winding creates a varying magnetic flux in the transformer’s core and thus a varying magnetic flux through the secondary winding. This varying magnetic flux induces a varying electromotive force (emf) or voltage in the secondary winding.



Underground mine ventilation provides a flow of air to the underground workings of a mine of sufficient volume to dilute and remove noxious gases (typically NOx, SO2, methane, CO2, and CO).


At We in Motion we offer a local content Schunk pantograph as we feel local content is necessary to maintain the performance, reliability and safety of pantographs.

Schunk pantographs from We in Motion offer the following features:

8-10 year or 2,000,000 km overhaul period

Maintenance free bearings

No grease points

Minimum mass weight

Constant contact pressure through entire operating range

Adjustable contact pressure from 50n – 160n

Suitable for maximum speed of 400+ km/h.

Pan head insulated from upper arm

No arcing or binding

Free movement at all times

Softer suspension on pan head which reduces wear on carbons and catenary

Low maintenance

WIM Pantograph Capabilities

Complete pantograph assemblies

Pantograph components

Pantograph refurbishment programs

OEM pantograph carbon current collectors strips

Supplier of heavy rail and light rail overhead catenary and carbon monitsystems